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RAN is dedicated to reducing the financial burden associated with treatment for mental health disorders, processing disorders, substance abuse, trauma healing and sexual identity challenges. RAN’s programs empower people by helping fund treatment and aftercare solutions so they can live their best life through meaningful friendships, secure and successful jobs, independent living, self-advocacy improvement and communication skills, all while feeling valuable by society as a whole.


RAN seeks client-centered and solution-focused approaches to its services. RAN utilizes best practice guidelines, evidence-based tactics, while embracing the belief that mental health issues are best treated within a community setting. RAN constantly strives to arrange/deliver/finance the most innovative and highest quality services that are at the forefront of client and community mental health education.



Recovery Advocate Network is currently working on the application process, review committees and required documentation so that we may be of most service. We will update this page when applications open. If you have an immediate need please click the "Contact" button below and someone from the team will reach out.


RAN is actively working on a variety of opportunities to accept non-profit donations. In you are interested in supporting us please click the "Donate Now" button below.

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