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Recovery Advocate Network is a non-profit platform to provide financial assistance for treatment to those in society suffering from mental health disorders including but not limited to trauma, grief, substance use disorders, process addictions, and freedom in sexual identity.


Phase one of our support will be bridge grants to help those individuals who are actively in treatment, working hard towards their recovery goals and suddenly dropped by their insurance. Everyone working on this project is 100% volunteer so anything you can contribute would cover basic expenses to run the organization and grants to these individuals in need. 

Thanks for your support. Every dollar adds up and can make a life changing impact on the recipients. 

Image by Katt Yukawa


Recovery Advocate Network holds semi-annual auctions to raise money to support the mission. 100% net proceeds go towards creating bridge grants to individuals working hard to improve their mental health. Your donation of goods will earn you a tax deduction and allow you to participate in our mission actively. Donations can be anything! Some examples include:

  • Signed memorabilia 

  • Services (dog training, professional development courses, custom art pieces)

  • Vacation packages

  • Concert tickets

  • Clothing

  • Jewelry

  • ...anything!


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Your financial support makes it possible for Recovery Advocate Network to advocate for a world where individuals with mental health challenges receive comprehensive and effective treatment without the worry of financial burdens to themselves, or their families, all without the stigmas often present in society.

We thank the founding partners listed below who donated to help RAN reach our non-profit status. 

  • Amy Greiner

  • Angela Gill Nelms

  • Cader Cox

  • Patricia Delgado 

  • Stephanie Taylor 

  • Sujith Shetty 

  • Marlene Womack

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