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Chief Executive Officer, Podcast Host

Angela, also known as Ange, is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience building exceptional company cultures and customer service. She is also skilled at driving leadership, management, and career growth. Angela holds the position of COO at Aetos Imaging, is a member of Chief, and also serves on the Georgia Tech Advisory Board (GTAB) to the President of GT and the CoE Advisory Board.


Despite her professional success, Angela personally struggles with severe PTSD. This condition followed a traumatic 5-day hostage situation that she survived. Upon observing the disparity in resource availability for individuals suffering from mental health disorders, processing disorders, substance abuse, trauma healing, and sexual identity challenges, Angela co-founded the Recovery Advocate Network (RAN) to help people in need. Her ultimate goal is to have mental health covered by insurance in the same way as other illnesses and disorders.


Angela resides in Atlanta, GA, and enjoys blacksmithing, woodturning, traveling, and hiking. She is also a proud mother to Reanna, her daughter, and Harley Quinn, her PTSD service dog.

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Chief Operating Officer

Ben Daines is a 4th year MD/MBA student at University of Central Florida. In medical school, Ben has been involved with various research projects and presentations related to improving medical education. In 2020, Ben started and currently leads a 501c3 organization that seeks to develop the next multidisciplinary generation of professionals who can address real-world problems affecting our society from a local to a global level through exceptional mentorship and innovative events.

Ben helped create Recovery Advocate Network after realizing how difficult it can be to work with insurance companies in the mental health realm to receive much-needed professional help. Those suffering from trauma, grief, mental illness, and many other difficulties need advocates when they are struggling.


Ben resides in Los Fresnos, Texas, and enjoys tutoring, researching educational improvements and playing soccer. 



Chief Compliance Officer

JY Headshot_edited.jpg


Resident Author

Joshua is Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase and is the National Operations Manager for Commercial Real Estate. He has spent over 3 decades in banking, primarily in the finance space working in Sales, Credit, Portfolio Management, Technology, and Operations. He is a public speaker for JPMorgan Chase speaking to audiences about Quality Control, Communication, and On-Time Delivery. Joshua has also spent many years on non-profit boards, most recently terming out as a Board Member for Make-A-Wish (Orange County/Inland Empire). 

Joshua is the author of “Craving Recovery,” which speaks to his firsthand experience within a treatment facility and life afterwards. An avid writer, Joshua has two more books being published in 2024 and writes blogs for Recovery Advocate Network on various topics ranging from mental health disorders to childhood trauma and recovery. He also speaks at numerous recovery and treatment centers as well as support groups and is passionate about sharing his experience, strength, and hope.

Joshua resides in Laguna Niguel, CA, and loves to spend time with his wife, four kids, and two dogs. He is also a PA Announcer for the San Juan Hills High School Football program. 

Leesa, with an impressive three-decade career spanning the CRO, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries, has held pivotal roles in distinguished organizations such as IQVIA (Quintiles), PPD, OmnicareCR, Otsuka, and Evotec. Her journey includes concurrent responsibilities as a Global Project Manager and Sr. Research Specialist for Clinical Systems at PPD, where she contributed to the development of groundbreaking clinical trial management systems.

During her tenure at Omnicare, Leesa showcased her leadership prowess by spearheading the growth of a clinical research site network specializing in long-term care. Her impactful contributions in this arena are chronicled in the Journal of Good Clinical Practice, attesting to her expertise in optimizing clinical research within specific healthcare settings.

At Otsuka, she demonstrated innovative trial implementation approaches in clinical operations, data management, and third-party collaborations, earning recognition in esteemed publications such as the WHO Bulletin and Life Science Connect. Her pivotal role in securing the largest research grant ever awarded to a pharmaceutical company for novel TB treatments reflects her commitment to advancing healthcare solutions.

During her time at Evotec, Leesa left an indelible mark by establishing a critical clinical development infrastructure supporting Evotec assets and the clinical services business. Her dedication to advancing TB drug development was evident through her role as a Steering Committee member for the PAN-TB Consortium.

In a personal capacity, Leesa has faced profound challenges, having lost her sister to suicide in October 2021. This deeply personal experience has fueled her passion for the mission of the Recovery Advocate Network, and her desire to serve as a dedicated board member. Her commitment to this cause reflects her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on mental health and addiction recovery.

Currently, Leesa directs her expertise towards RenovoRx, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a drug delivery platform for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. Her multifaceted career, coupled with her personal experiences, underscores her profound commitment to advancing healthcare solutions, fostering innovation, and advocating for mental health and addiction recovery initiatives.

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Resident Graphics Artist

Camille was born and raised outside of Detroit and is a proud Michigan State University graduate with a degree in Advertising. Her professional journey began in the dynamic world of automotive marketing, where she worked for nearly a decade. In 2002, fueled by a passion for holistic wellness and her own personal wellness challenges, she made a career pivot that would define the next chapter of her life. 

Since then, Camille has blended her marketing expertise with her commitment to personal well-being. She's contributed to the holistic self-care and wellness industry, wearing dual hats as a seasoned marketing professional and a dedicated spa and wellness therapist. This unique combination allows her to bridge the gap between promoting wellness and actively participating in the transformative journey of supporting others in creating a healthier and more balanced life. 

Camille's personal mission is to inspire others to prioritize self-care and embrace holistic well-being in their lives. She passionately believes everyone deserves to be well, so joining the RAN team in 2022 was a natural fit. When Camille is not working in wellness, she spends time with her two daughters, reading, drawing, or hiking in the Michigan forests.




With a healthcare career currently spanning over 7 years, Nicki is an emerging and dynamic professional with a proven track record in clinical trials, site management, and revenue cycle analysis. Nicki holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan, and also holds a Master’s degree in Health Administration from Grand Valley State University.


She volunteers for the Recovery Advocate Network group because she firmly believes in the power of support and understanding in the journey towards recovery from addiction. Having personally witnessed the challenges of overcoming addiction, she is passionate about being involved with an organization that can provide hope to others struggling with addiction. Being part of the RAN network allows her to foster a sense of community, promote acceptance, and advocate for resources and services that can aid in the recovery process. Ultimately, her involvement in the Recovery Advocate Network is driven by a deep commitment to helping others find healing and renewal in their lives.


Beyond her professional career and passion for mental wellness, Nicki resides in Grand Rapids, MI and enjoys participating in and watching sports including running, biking, tennis, golf, football and baseball. Nicki is also an avid Detroit Lions and University of Michigan football fan. She treasures the time she spends with friends and family, especially her loving boyfriend and 7 year-old Golden named Woodson!

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