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Chief Operating Officer

Ben Daines is a third year MD/MBA student at University of Central Florida currently taking a gap year to focus on other interests. In medical school, Ben has been involved with various research projects and presentations related to improving medical education and is currently part of the core team developing a multi-institutional on the perspectives and use of formal and informal curriculum resources. In 2020, Ben started and currently leads a 501c3 organization that seeks to develop the next multidisciplinary generation of professionals that can address real-world problems affecting our society from a local to a global level through exceptional mentorship and innovative events.

Ben helped create Recovery Advocate Network after realizing how difficult it can be to work with insurance companies in the mental health realm to receive much-needed professional help. Those suffering from trauma, grief, mental illness and many other difficulties need advocates when they are struggling.


Ben resides in Los Fresnos, Texas and enjoys tutoring, researching educational improvements and playing soccer. 



Chief Executive Officer

Erin is a hotelier by trade, spending her career working in the boutique, luxury, and lifestyle sectors of hospitality and vacation real estate. Over the past 15+ years she has held progressive leadership roles for both private and publicly traded hospitality firms, serving in various capacities across Investor Relations, Operations, Asset Management, Finance, and Marketing. Erin has extensive hands-on experience in the conceptual and technical development of high-level business strategy and is a respected leader of creative teams, property divisions and corporate departments. 

Erin shares a passion for people and helped found Recovery Advocate Network (RAN) after observing the financial challenges and limited resources available to those seeking treatment for mental health disorders. Her hope is that through RAN, she will be able to contribute to the healing and recovery of those suffering from ailments such as substance abuse disorders, trauma, grief, process addictions, and sexual identity. 

Erin resides in Naples, Florida with her husband Pete and their dog Bailey.

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Chief Development Officer

Brian M. Woodard Jr. is driven by service to others and advocating for those in need. Brian served on the founding board for the Victory Cup Initiative, a non-profit organization in the Central Florida community that provides funds to worthy and industrious non-profit companies focused on specific community needs. Brian also served his community as a founding member of Bicycle Blessings, a faith based organization that refurbished and redistributed over 3,000 bicycles as well as served as the President of the Maitland Public Library. Brian gained a great deal of the experience needed in his service endeavors in the for-profit business world, starting in the world of insurance claims, working as a tax accountant after earning his B.S.B.A. at UCF, and also as director of operations at Storey Law Group.


Born and raised in Central Florida, Brian has deep roots in the community. When not trying to change the world, Brian cherishes spending time with his two children, eating sushi, watching and playing basketball, attending live music events and First United Methodist Church of Winter Park.



Chief Technical Officer, Podcast Host

Angela ("Ange") is an experienced entrepreneur with extensive speaking experience in building best-in-class company culture, customer service, and driving leadership, management, and career growth. Currently, Angela is RenovoRx's COO, a member of Chief, and serves on the Georgia Tech Advisory Board (GTAB) to the President of GT and the CoE Advisory Board.

Angela personally struggles with severe PTSD and depression. After observing the disparity in resource availability for individuals suffering from mental health disorders, processing disorders, substance abuse, trauma healing, and sexual identity challenges, she helped found Recovery Advocate Network (RAN). Her desire is for mental health to be covered by insurance in the same manner as other illnesses and disorders.

Angela resides in Los Altos, CA, and loves blacksmithing, woodturning, traveling, and hiking and is the proud mother of Reanna (daughter) and Harley Quinn (PTSD service dog).

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Chief Fundraising Officer

Christina is a recently retired United States Park Police Officer. She spent 21 years with the United States Park Police as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer, working in Washington DC, and three years with the National Park Service as a Federal Law Enforcement Ranger, working all over the country! Throughout her 24 years of service, Christina took great pride in mentoring young officers and sharing her experience to help better serve those in need. Additionally, Christina has spent the past five years dedicated to Best Buddies, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


Christina helped create Recovery Advocate Network after seeing firsthand the challenges of untreated mental health in the community and recognizing the financial struggles associated with treatment. Through her work with RAN, she hopes to advocate for those suffering from trauma, grief, mental illness and many other difficulties and help those obtain the treatment they need. 


Christina resides in Memphis, TN with her cat, Fiona and enjoys reading, traveling and cheering on Ole Miss! 

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