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RAN hosts quarterly Coffee & Conversation (C&C) chats where individuals share their experiences on a variety of topics. You can view previous events on RAN's YouTube channel. See available episodes below.


​If you would like to participate as a guest on a future C&C event or share your story on our blog please email us at

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C&C: Suicide Awareness

Sep 21, 2022 

This event was focused on raising awareness of Suicide and Suicide ideation in society, and aimed to help end the stigma, expand suicide education and spread acceptance of mental illness throughout our communities. RAN engaged in conversations related to suicide awareness, suicide ideation (SI), and the semi-colon tattoo. 

C&C: RAN Kickoff

June 22, 2022 

This event engaged attendees in conversation related to the staggering disparity in resource availability for individuals suffering from mental health disorders, addressed the common stigmas present in society as it related to mental health treatment and raised awareness of RAN’s unique platform to provide financial assistance for treatment to those in society suffering from mental health disorders. The event featured commentary from the client, family, and clinician perspective on the financial barriers individuals face to receive the help they need. 

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