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In 2021, the Recovery Advocate Network (RAN) was founded to address the staggering and alarming disparity in resource availability for individuals suffering from mental health disorders, processing disorders, substance abuse, trauma healing and sexual identity challenges. It is not just people with mental health disorders who benefit from the impact of RAN’s services, but rather, the entire community through the productive contributions of RAN’s beneficiaries.
Much of mainstream society still harbors antiquated perceptions of what exactly it means to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder or have trauma, process disorders, substance abuse or sexual identity challenges. Outdated notions create four barriers to inclusion: discomfort, stigma, pity and fear. RAN embraces ‘inclusion’ as a core value and endeavors to serve as a bridge of understanding between mainstream society and the community challenged with mental health disorders, while seeking to remove financial barriers to treatment.


  • Fundraising Auction October 2023
    Fundraising Auction October 2023
    Thu, Oct 26
    Online Auction - Greater Giving
    Oct 26, 12:00 PM – Oct 28, 9:00 PM
    Online Auction - Greater Giving
    Oct 26, 12:00 PM – Oct 28, 9:00 PM
    Online Auction - Greater Giving
    RANs major form of donations is via our semiannual fundraising events. Save the date to do some early holiday shopping while making an impact on the lives of those struggling with mental health disorders! Donations of action items accepted:


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